I, own the power to heal my family, my community, and myself.
I understand that spiritual, physical, emotional, and mental wellness is necessary to accomplish this goal.
I know that there are fellow queens willing and able to aide me in this task of healing.
I affirm to make this reality my life's work.
I am part of the cure.
I am an unlimited woman.

End of an



Hi Greatness! 


Can you imagine it’s nearly the summer of 2021? So much has occurred in the last year and I can hardly recall a time that has felt quite so vital, quite so essential. Last year, and let’s be honest this year, has tested us in innumerable ways. 


Like many of you, I have experienced the urge for new perspectives, renewed faith in my beliefs, and sought a sense of equity in our economic, political, and cultural landscape. Certainly, that also means an internal rejuvenation is required. Everything with an external element has an internal one as well. 


I’m sharing with you that this is the end of an era. The brand, home, and community that you’ve known as Heal a Woman to Heal a Nation has been in transition. You’ve seen fewer messages and posts from us over the last year. I’ve made the cathartic decision to make this transition permanent. 


When HWHN was born, by passionate young women, myself, Dr. Maria James, Monokia Nance, committed to demonstrating that if you heal one woman, you can heal a nation. Our commitment created global impact including but not limited to:

  • Hosted 15 women’s conferences, 8 of which were multi-day weekend experiences. 

  • Hosted and were featured speakers at countless workshops, seminars, retreats, etc.

  • 2009 hosted the Part of the Cure Seminar Series sponsored by the Office of Women’s Health in the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

  • Governor Martin O’Malley in 2009 declared April 13 as Heal a Woman to Heal a Nation Day in Maryland.

  • Approved in 2013 by the White House to confer President’s Volunteer Service Award. Recognizing over 10,000 hours of volunteer service.

  • Butterfly Sistas™ (BFS) Mentoring and Leadership Academy for girls 13 to 17 sponsored workshops, conferences, college scholarships, and leadership opportunities for girls.

  • An international membership with the first two members from South Korea and over 5 dozen members over the last 8 years.

  • Hosted 2 island retreats, 2010 &  2011 in St. Croix, USVI, at Hotel on the Cay.

  • Published 2 books: Because I am a Queen, Until Done Journal.

  • Featured speakers in a 3 island tour through US Virgin Islands speaking to over 400 individuals.

  • Raised funds and awareness for health disparities including Lupus, HIV, Heart Disease, Cancer, and more. 

  • National and local partners including, PNC Bank, Airtran, COVERGIRL, Constant Contact, Teavolve Cafe, Civic Grind, Creative Nomads, VI Care, Urban Leadership Institute, Per Ankh Institute, itiba LLC, TurnAround, Inc., Queendom T.E.A., Liberty Mutual, DIVA’S MPH, Hip Hop in Pink, Lupus Foundation for America, Office on Minority Women’s Health, Queendom T.E.A. Morgan State University, Coppin State University, University of the Virgin Islands, Baltimore City Public Schools, and more.

  • Working with over 100,000 women and families with our message of healing women to heal our communities and reaching over 2 million more.


Even if we knew what would happen, we could not have prepared for how this experience has changed us. Our hearts remain in the vision of HWHN but, over the years, we have matured. Our dreams no longer synced and, what was required as a team to keep this organization thriving, honestly, we're unable to do any longer. I positioned myself to sustain HWHN for as long as I have been able. It is now time for a change.


What does this all mean? 


You’ll no longer see posts, events, etc., hosted by Heal a Woman to Heal a Nation. We hosted our final WINSday call last week. You can listen to how HWHN wasn’t “in the script” through the replay here. The HWHN community has transformed the lives of the women we’ve had the pleasure of connecting with and it’s been a true honor. Thank you for sharing a portion of your journey with this community. 

Thank you for... 

  • the laughter.

  • the tears. 

  • the businesses built. 

  • the best volunteer team on the planet.

  • WINSdays.

  • the best friends found. 

  • the books you’ve written.

  • the photographs.

  • the hugs (whew, pre-covid life).

  • the skills learned.

  • the pajama parties.

  • the memories.


Most of all, thank you for the sisterhood. For showing up. For saying yes. I encourage you to recall it all with fondness. Allow it to fuel you through the next phase of your journey. Remember, the end of an era allows for the beginning of a new one. 


So what happens next? 


My heart and divine assignment to serve women will never change. I will still hold space for women. I will still honor speaking engagements that center the conversation of resilience, renewal, and transformative healing. Sisterhood is in my DNA and thus will be a part of where God takes me next. The method may look different, and my transparency is I’m not sure what that exact method is yet. 


In this season, I am being called to serve those who are ready to share their story from the stage. In my 17 year journey with HWHN, I’ve trained women to transition from mediocre speaking to magnetic storytelling. Thus, I’m excited to grow my Stage Ready Speakers platform for women and men who desire to work with me and magnify their public speaking skills. 


If you're interested in staying connected to the work I do next I want to make it easy for you. I’m on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. You can stay connected to me socially at @mothyna on all platforms. (Or click the links above). I’ll also love for you to stay on the mailing list and, I’ll keep you informed. You can join the mailing list below.


If you’d like to share the impact that HWHN has had on your life, then I would love to hear it. I will certainly share your words on my social media profiles. You can use the hashtag #HWHNLove


Here is how:

  1. Stay Connected to Mothyna Facebook Group: You can join the group by clicking here.

  2. Vocal Message: Take 90 seconds and record an audio message which I will share.

  3. Write a post: You can write a post on your personal page using the tag #HWHNLove or send me a Written message here. 

It’s been my immense joy to serve you in this capacity. And since a moment of rejuvenation is at hand, I plan to own the moment.  You never know when I’ll get the urge to call my sisters together. Stay tuned.


Your sister,



P.s. If you want to take a final opportunity to grab your HWHN merch, please do so on our website before June 15th. That will be the last day to order before the website closes and we ship all final products