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Curate a lifestyle committed to sisterhood and let's refresh ourselves in the waters of self-care, self-love and self-worth.

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NisaNova is a tribe of women committed to not growing alone. We stand for constant renewal. Reflecting a  light so bright women can find themselves, love, heal and thrive. We curate a lifestyle committed to sisterhood and refresh ourselves in the fresh waters of self-care, self-love and self-worth. At Nisa Nova, new is renewal. We welcome you home. Again and again. To self. To a new woman.  

In one of the most ancient languages on the planet, Arabic, NISA means woman. NOVA means new.


In essence, NISANOVA is a renewed woman.  So fun fact a nova is also a light. A bright star that will explode. That explosion creates an opportunity for new life. It creates mass in the universe. Mass means new planets, stars, and more. And that’s you. Shining brightly and ultimately creating new life through purpose, & vision. Taking the mass of your mess and making a message. 


And when we get flipped or turned around we often think we've lost ourselves. So let's flip it. Nova becomes Avon which is a river and all life needs water. Rivers represent a flow of fresh living water. Nisa becomes Asin which means beauty. So as a woman even when you’ve been turned around you have the opportunity to renew yourself at the source of life and still be beautiful.

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You are an amazing woman, birthed in a divine purpose and destined to walk in greatness through every day on this earth.  

No one said it would be easy, yet you have an intelligence and brilliance that is unmatched. You are gorgeous. You have everything in your possession to live your best life in this very moment.

You have support. You are valued. You have encouragement.

You have peace. You have joy. You are admired. You are teachable. You are lovable. You are an example.You have countless second-chances.

No more excuses. Right now is all you have. Give yourself the best of you and not the rest of you. Do this, and watch your life blossom beyond your wildest dreams.


Let me know how you step out in boldness through NisaNova.

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Mothyna James-Brightful is described as “energetic, passionate and inspirational” by audiences.


Affectionately known as Sister Mothyna her personal motto “community development is a lifetime commitment,” stands as proof of her intense

belief in the communal family. “A Nation can rise no higher than its woman,”

a quote by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad edifies the passionate belief

that Sister Mothyna has in her mission to work with women and girls.


She truly believes that healthy and whole women produce healthy and

whole communities. In the last seventeen years, Mothyna has trained

over 100,000 individuals in the field of sexual violence prevention and

spent over 40,000 hours on stage. 


During the past, few years she has worked with several community and national organizations, including Urban Alliance, National Council of Negro Women, and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children which are also committed to community development.

As co-founder of Heal a Woman to Heal a Nation, Inc. (HWHN, Inc.) has been recognized by Mayor Rawlings-Blake, Senator Mikulski, and Governor O’Malley has proclaimed April 13th as Heal a Woman to Heal a Nation Day. In recognition of her works, she has appeared in publications such as The Daily Record, Ebony Magazine, Be What I Want to Be Magazine and The Afro-American Newspapers.


Sister Mothyna is also the co-author of Because I am a Queen…100 Affirmations for Daily Living. She is the author of Engage. Inspire. Prevent. Strategies for Educating Teens on Sexual Violence. Sister Mothyna holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism from Morgan State University and a master’s in human service administration from The University of Baltimore.

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